Julia & Pluto

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In the solution of practical exercises, tests, and exams, we will use the computer extensively in this course.

Specifically, we will use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called Pluto.jl. This IDE is a package developed for the Julia programming language. This tool is easy to install, easy to learn, beautiful, and extremely powerful, as you will find out. No previous relevant knowledge of computation is required. You only have to bring your computer to the classes and know the basic things associated with using a computer: turning on the computer, creating a folder, naming and saving a file. That is all!

In the period in which we live, keeping on solving exercises using pencil & paper and with the help of a small calculator and Excel is like being still in the medieval age in the evolution of humankind. We have to adapt quickly to the age of “Big Data”, “Artificial Intelligence”, and “Machine Learning”, even in teaching tools and course syllabus.

Pluto’s use will be a funny, handy tool for learning, teaching, and conducting the evaluation process. We assure students that Pluto will be the less demanding part of this course but one of its most valuable items.