Code of Conduct

At ISCTE-IUL, all individual members (students, faculty, and non-faculty staff) are bonded by a set of rights and duties, which must be fulfilled, respected, and cherished by the entire community. The statutes that delimit the code of conduct at our university can be found here (in Portuguese). We will highlight some of the most critical issues in such regulation to guarantee that everyone knows what is allowed and prohibited in the functioning of our course.

  1. No one can be subject to discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, disability conditions, physical appearance, race, age, religion, or national or ethnic origin.
  2. Following Article 5, all faculty staff must behave with impartiality, honesty, responsibility, and academic integrity. They must fulfill their duties according to the terms and Regulations of the institution, respect the syllabus of each course and the deadlines associated with each assessment process, and arrive on time for their teaching schedules.
  3. Students must obey the principles of academic honesty. In particular, points 3.1 and 3.2 of Appendix-I stipulates that:
    1. possession or use of unauthorized material on a test/exam
    2. taking communication with another student or copy from another student (detected during or after the test/exam has taken place)
    will result in the annulation of the test/exam, failure in the course concerning the academic year to which it refers, communication to the Rector, and entry in the student’s records. In case of recidivism, the disciplinary sanction may range from temporary suspension from school activities at ISCTE-IUL to prohibition from attending school activities at ISCTE-IUL for up to five years under the terms of the Regulations.